Our own Local Green Map Projects in NYC

Green Map System is based in one of Manhattan’s culturally-rich, socially active neighborhoods, the East Village. There, our small team develops both global and local resources that test out new concepts, extend the meaning of Green Map, and support change in our home community alongside our global efforts.

This is where the Green Map movement originated! As seen at GreenMapNYC.org, we have produced two dozen NYC Green Maps, exciting events and much more. Yes, this was originally called the Green Apple Map!

With ample opportunity to share our work in NYC classrooms, onstage, in creative settings, in hack sessions and exhibitions, we have been able to work with universities, museums, city agencies, tourism, and many others. As a consultant, team member or connector, we have worked in all five boroughs of NYC. Especially in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, our efforts to address climate change have increased, and local collaborations that include our director and team have led to the development of green infrastructure programs, solar projects, everyday bicycling and waste reduction media and maps.

If you are seeking a dynamic partnership, a speaker, consulting or a Green Map experience, please contact us. Sign on to the Green Map newsletter (scroll down) to join us in upcoming tours, talks and exhibits. The panel below is from our 2004 Urban Center Gallery exhibit, click to view in full.